.Meest USA West, a subsidiary of Meest Corporation Inc. which was founded in 1989, is providing logistics solutions to Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

Over the years, Meest has grown into an industry leader by focusing on the goal of connecting customers in the United States with their families, friends, and businesses in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This also includes e-commerce between those countries.

Today, Meest has become a dominant force in package delivery with services to Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Our specialized transportation and logistics services to those countries lead the way as the most recognized brand in North America.

OUR MISSION is to provide the best international package and freight delivery service at the most competitive price on the market using our web-based transportation management system. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the best logistic service provider by earning the respect of our shippers and developing satisfied customers. Our core values are providing value in all that we do, continuous improvement of our services and people.

A wide network of representatives in the United States, Canada, Ukraine, and other countries allows us to be always accessible to our customers. To locate a representative in your area, please, call our toll free number 1-800-617-2545.

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